HDRI Caustic effects?!

There is not a single lamp, photon or otherwise, in this scene. There is not a single photon that has been fired. (Photon button is off in YafRay GI panel.) What are the weird concentrations of light?


i guess it is from the brightness of the windows.

They create pseudo-caustics?

HDRI i think

Could it be specularity?

Looks like caustics to me. Especially with the intensity and the fact there is a bright white spot in the centre of the sphere’s own transparent shadow.

Maybe Eeshlo can give you an explanation as to why they are there without photon lights.

At any rate, it looks nice. One critique is that the floor looks a little too blurry. Also, is the blurry reflection in the sphere that of the floor because I don’t think the floor should look blurred in the reflection when the other reflections are sharp. I don’t think blurriness caused by DOF is the same in reflections. I don’t know, I might be wrong - it just looked a bit strange.

Yafray HDRI automatically produces a ‘global photon light’ if I remember well…


yes, I seem to remember that too…I heart hdri