HDRI environment lighting in Cycles?

I’ve been trying to get environment lighting using a HDR light probe image. With the blender internal render, I could give the world an image texture and set the mapping to ‘AngMap,’ and it worked fine. But with cycles I can’t get it to map right (there doesn’t seam to be an ‘AngMap’ option).

Any ideas?


World > Surface > Background > Next to the color slice click the button with the circle inside > Environment Texture > Open Image. I’m pretty sure you need the Vector set to Generated. Happy Blending.

Thanks for the reply! I set the vector to Generated, but I got the same results. However, I looked up Environment Texture in the Cycles manual, and I found out that it expects the image to be in a Latitude/Longitude format. I converted my image to Latitude/Longitude format in HDRShop, and it worked fine :slight_smile:

Well shut my mouth and call me Shirley, you just taught me something.

hello Shirley O.o
taught me something too

Thank you very much, I have had this problem for MONTHS now too!!!

So you are saying you converted your Angular map to Longitude/Lattitude?