HDRI? how...what...why....

hi guys, i’m trying to figure out how to do a HDRI background image thing, so my metal looks more metally. thx! :stuck_out_tongue:

first things first, HDRI can only be used with yafray

you make a new image texture for the world and use the HDRI, set the mapping input to angmap, and map it to hori(zon) in the world buttons
that will make the HDRI mapped to the world and show up in reflections, but not light the scene

to use the HDRI for lighting go to the render buttons and in the yafray tab turn on either skydome or full and play with the settings

if you want to do it for blender only you first need to convert the HDRI to a LDRI (eg jpg, png) for blender to use, HDRShop can do this http://gl.ict.usc.edu/HDRShop/ , then do the same thing with yafray just use the LDRI and turn on real in the world buttons