Hdri is not visible

Hi everyone, I’m working on an archviz and after adding an HDRI image, only lighting values are seen, but i want to be able to see the actual image, i also checked the transparent box under film tab but it’s not checked.
the background is a flat color and i can’t find where to change that.
do you know what i’m missing?
thank you

If you just want to use the HDRI, plug that directly into the color of the background node. Out of curiousity, what where you trying to do with the color (purple)?

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thank you for replying, i saw that from the tutorial i was watching, the purple color was to give the scene a more night like lighting
also it still doesn’t work when i c

onnect the hdri directly to the background node :confused:

What tutorial?

Edit: Also try connecting a texture coordinate node (generated) to the vector input of the image node.

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this one
also adding texture coordinate worked, thank you so much have a great day! :slight_smile:

No problem, you too.

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