Hdri Light dump #1 I raised the prices

Not sure if this is the right forum…but anyway.
what makes more sense for such a festivity of sharing than raising the price ?

The reason is simple, I added 26 more lights to the collection, making it a whooping 49 hdri images of
different lights. For people who have brought the product in the past, this update comes free of charge.

preview render and some details can be found here

Renember these are more or less unedited hdri images, so you can use them for illustration, compositing, lighting and texturing. so you might have to edit them

As for blender these propably need to be downscaled, and blurred for lighting only
Also use the clamp indirect / direct to reduce noise.

I might release a a currated (eg calibrated) version of those lights for lighting in future if there is any interest (although price might go up)

Just a headsup I’ve added edited smaller (500px and 1000px) zip folders to the archive wich are curated. EG, their light intensity is in relastion to its size. Practicall meaning you can use them without fiddling around that much. If the resolution of the smal one is not big enough you can swap them out with the 1000px ones.

Tested them with leomoon light studio