HDRI lighting on only a few objects and affected by no other objects


I’m working a scene where I used HDRI lighting to lighten a few objects. Now I want to add a background and some other stuff but I don’t want these other things to be affected by the HDRI map and I definitely don’t want these new objects to affect the lighting on the objects lit by the HDRI. The background for example well change the lighting because it gets in front of a part the HDRI map. So I want the HDRI map to ignore the background.

Hehe … annoying question maybe. Thanks for the help.

What renderer? Can you show a screenshot too?

Try setting up a new Scene Layer for the other things. Youcan use different render settings in that layer. Combine the two scenes in the Node editor. At the lower left of the Render Layer node, there’s an icon that allows you to select which Scene Layer.

Steve S

Thanks Steve. I never used render layers so I gonna take a look.
Screenshot below. Still need a little bit of tweaking.