HDRI Lighting Studio & Editor


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Ok got it at last. Will try to fix it this week.

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What version & distro of Linux do you use? This is usually an issue as I found where you use some older version and you didn’t upgrade.

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Linux Mint

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Have time to work on the addon a bit soon. What feature would you like to see next?

(eklein) #25

Features I would like to be added:

  1. “Image” content should behave just like “Flat” content. It should also have the same properties x, y, width, height and angle. The image would scale into the width and height properties. When the image is move to the edges of the HDRI it should change shape correctly just like the “Flat” content. This is the way Lightmap HDR Light Studio works with image content.

  2. Add a new content type call “Background”. Ideally their would be a gradient, picture and sky “Background” content. The default properties for “Background” content would be latitude, longitude, width and height. The width and height would be in percentage of the HDRI so 100 percent for width and height would be the size of the whole HDRI. The gradient background properties would be just like the content type “Gradient” that is currently working.

  3. Add changing of the order position of the lights in the “lights list”. This way a “background” content or larger lights could be behind the other smaller lights.

With this new additions in HDRI Editor. HDRI Editor would have the main features that are in Lightmap HDR Light Studio which is a great product.

Great progress so far.


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What version are you using? Latest update already has the ability to scale/rotate images.

You can make a new image and add it to the light. Scale it to canvas size and you can paint any gradient you want.

Order changing and copy/paste is missing unfortunately. That’s true.

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Are you still selling this?
Is there a video tutorial with a process of editing a sky+landscape 360 equirectangular photo so that it will light a scene without an additional sun?
Can I re-tonemap a 16-bit hdr that creates “dull” lighting to a 32-bit one, properly toned to light the scene and appear as a world background at the same time?

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It looks great! Does it work with 2.79?

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Yes it does. And you can get it now for just $12
[Light & HDRI Studio Editor](https://blendermarket.com/products/light--hdri-studio-editor)

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Sorry for the late reply, had the notifications for this thread turned off for some reasons. Should be ok now.

Yes, still selling this :slight_smile:

I don’t have a video, however it is possible to add several HDRI images and overlap them as needed. You can load 16bit files just fine, but you will get some issues in 32bit of course.

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Great! can you please fix the documentation link on blendermarket? it’s not working.

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I fixed it. Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

There is a pdf with instructions inside the downloadable files and in the plugin archive as well.

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The plugin is now available for $9 with CGCookie Market BlackFriday discounts.

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This is an awesome addon! I’ve been messing around with a motorcycle from Blend Swap, it’s very much like HDR Light Studio. Please add a grid overlay in the future release.


(oct) #35

This is an awesome addon, it works very much light like HDR Light Studio. Keep up the good work! Please add a grid overlay in the future release.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Will do it.

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Hey guys,

Will start working soon on the 2.8 update. If there are any other features you would like to see let me know.


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THanks for this addon, bought, downloaded, installed and made my first custom HDRI map all in under 30min. GREAT job thanks for all your hard work!

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Do you have a Facebook page/group I could pin at Blender Nodes

I think the group would be very interested in HDRI editor


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I’m 90% sure HDR Editor is disabling my keyboard “Z” undo.