HDRI Lighting Studio & Editor


(lifo) #41

Hi I bought this from Gumroad a while back. In my account I only have up to version 1.15. are you still updating and developing this? I triend sending an email to info at 3digitallydesigns dot com and got a mailer-daemon.

(MickHanks) #42

Lifo, good question. The file is labled 1.15 but the .py code says

“name”: “Hdr Editor”,
“version”: (1, 1, 0),
“blender”: (2, 77, 0),
#“location”: “Properties > Render”,

(MickHanks) #43

I love HDRI Editor. thinks I want in future updates.

1.) Future updates, I hope for a Hdr Editor long life
2.) Make more stable, not that it crashes but sometime you have to restart blender to edit
3.) Click select the light on the image, not LIST select. that is click and drag the red dot let go and done.
4.) I can think of many other enhancements but really I would pay another $15 for just 1,2,3

Im still not sure who wrote Hdr editor or even it’s true name. It’s got an identity issue. But what I do know is I LOVE THIS ADDON and thank the creator for there hard work.

(JLBohm) #44

Hi, I bought this plugin some time ago and I managed to get it working - cool stuff!
However (not sure what happened, still I run the 2.79 Blender) when I want to use it, as soon as I hit “Edit this image” (black 1x2 32 image ready), the plugin freezes and doesnt react. I cannot add lights and close it - I must restart blender. This happens every time, i tried downloading the newest version from blender market.
Can you help me with that? Thx alot!

(MickHanks) #45


I’m runing 2.7a

I was using this up until yesterday when it all went south. The two issues I had with it was 1,) having too restart blender to get the “Edit Image” button to appear. 2,) It will crash blender. I wait to the end of my scene building to start lighting with HDR Editor. My blender will only crash when start using HDR Editor.

As I stated in an earlier post. I think 1.1 is the latest, even thought the file says 1.15. it’s not.

On your freezes, If you follow the direction in the manual and make sure your saving a .HDR file format it should not freeze. My crashes are just willy nilly, after I’ve load or make a hdr. Oh by the way “willy nilly” is a technical term, sorry to use big terms like that.

Look’s like it’s back to lighting the old way, with a candle, :frowning:

(00Ghz) #46

Sorry for the late reply. I subscribed to this thread but I still don’t get notifications.

Yes, the gumroad version is the latest. Once I have the plugin updated for 2.8 with the new features people request will send everyone a link with the latest update.

please email me at [email protected].

(00Ghz) #47

Sorry for the late reply. I subscribed to this thread but I still don’t get notifications.

Some of the issues and crashes are related to Blender itself and I can’t seem to be able to tell why they are happening. Hopefully 2.8 will be a more stable base.

And yes, those features are commonly requested and will be in the 2.8 update. Thanks for the suggestions.

(00Ghz) #48

Try to reset blender to factory settings and install the addon again. There could be the case some other plugins interfere with it and cause Blender to crash. And random crashes are due to Blender itself unfortunately, can’t help.

(00Ghz) #49

I don’t have unfortunately. Should make one indeed.

(oct) #50

Is this project alive still?

(00Ghz) #51

Yes it is. Next release is for 2.8 :slight_smile:

(Schillem) #52

How can we get the hdri editor, i don’t find it anywhere?

(00Ghz) #53

You can get it from here.

(Schillem) #54

Thanks it is really apreciated

(Metin Seven) #56

Will there be a 2.8 update of HDRI Lighting & Editor? It looks very interesting, but seems not to have been updated for a long time.

(00Ghz) #57


Yes, we will upgrade it to 2.8 and add a couple of new features and big fixes. We’re waiting for 2.8 beta to stabilise before attempting the final part of the port.


(Metin Seven) #58

That’s great news, thanks. I’m planning to buy it as soon as it’s available for 2.8.

(DTM-51) #59

Hey I bought it some days ago and it is realy awesome! BUT! I changed the Maximum brightness to about 100-200 because the default of 5 is way to low for the FiLMiC color Management :slight_smile: now it is even better :+1: cince the Beta is out, what do you think when we can expect the new Release?

Also: check out the hdri Studio and-on:

It supports placing lights by clicking on the Model where you want the light to be reflected. Maybe you can implement this? Then it would be the best killer addon ever!

Thanks for your awesome work :slight_smile:

(00Ghz) #60

I hope we can get it out in the first quarter of 2018.

We might attempt such a click-to-place feature, but depends on how it is implemented. Problem is there is a patent by Lightmap and Keyshot too for this one.

(Peetie) #61

Time flies (back?). That must be 2019 I suppose.