HDRI path

is there a way to specify and absolute path to a specific folder for HDRI map ?

right now it has to be in same folder then the blend file !
but would save space not to repeat/copy the HDRI map

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Maybe you are interested in this addon:

Thanks for the tip, didn’t know something like that existed.

interesting addon for selecting HDRI

will test that one

sill wondering if possible to add absolute path for only HDRI
most of the time I like to use one of the bright HDRI

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When you are selecting/importing Environment Texture there’s an option in the menu on the left-hand side named “Relative Path”, uncheck and an absolute path will be used.

… or have HDRIs along textures and set that in File Paths under File in User Preferences ("//" indicates current project location).

Or am i missing the point?

most of the user preferences path are relative for win

where do you get this window with relative path ?

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^ when a browser opens as you want to add an Environment Texture file (it’s there for all textures, also many scripts don’t understand relative paths so am many times confronted with this issue even on other DCC apps)

I see it now but only the first time you open up for a new file

otherwise it goes directly to the current relative folder

so if the first time you set it up to a specific folder instead of the current one
it should pick it up from that specific folder.

but would this not affect all the other textures too ?

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Oh, i think i get it now… you’re thinking of “File specific - Project Settings” (as is ie. Maya, engineering, architectural, CAD tools) where you can specifically define/set paths for every file individually.
Wished a long time agooooo. Still, I don’t believe Blender has that. Would be amazing though. :yes:

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No, there’s not even an addon for this or… System Project Folder Addon [Blender 2.61] (nah, such is behavior now), yet my philosophy still is in accordance to:

Usually experts in CAD-related file management always say: "do not store your project files in a software-dependent structure…

… thread from 2007: Organizing Files with Blender

Software dependent file structure is hell for archiving, indexing, fast & efficient workflow… so am back to ruling chaos my way.

let say that I use one specific HDRI enviro map ( I like the studio23 )

I use this in like 100 different files located in 100 different folders

but each time I have to copy the HDRI to each folder cause it is relative

also if you use a big HDRI like 15 MB X 100 that is a lot of wasted space on HD or SSD !

so was wondering if it was possible to set absolute path but only for the World Enviro HDRI
cause each folder still use local images in local folder

hope it clarify the set up

I know if you change Bl file to other HD or PC it won’t work
will need to redo the absolute path
can always add instructions how to set it up

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Not sure if I get your issue…
Using absolute and relative paths is only about how Blender stores the file path information, not about where those files actually reside, no?

What stops you from using absolute paths for all texture files and still save those files to whereever you want them?

ok will test that and see if there is any problems

I thought this relative path things was stopping Bl from using absolute path !

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seems to work
don’t need to carry image with Bl file

note when I change file location I can still in UV editor path
that it is using the // on filepath

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