HDRI & Perspective

Hello, I recently started using SIBL and HDRI and I’m trying to fully intergrate an object into a scene. The main problem is the perspective. If I render a still image, it’s fine as you won’t notice the object isn’t really there, but when making an animation with a moving camera, it’s clearly visible.


I used SIBL here, so I got a plane with AO and the Env Texture on it, then the world texture is the HDRI itself.
As you can see, as the camera moves, the “floor” doesn’t follow the right path.
Isn’t there a way to “fake” the camera height. I tried manipulating the Z scale of the HDR, and it was almost right. Or, does anybody know a place where I could get some “Floor level” HDRI?

Trying to do a flyby like you show is never going to work quite right. Pans and tilts should be fine but moving the camera will cause problems. For any given sIBL/HDR set the camera view will only be correct when it is at the nodal point where the panorama was captured from. If you’re using the sIBL GUI addon it’s rigged to enforce this. When you move the camera the world and ground plane textures move with it keeping them in-sync and preventing perspective shifts and texture stretching. However, this also means that the world (and camera) move relative to other objects in the scene causing the sliding you observe.

If you must move the camera your best bet is probably to use a separate ground plane texture that doesn’t update based on the camera’s pose. This will cause your objects to stick to the ground but it also means that it won’t match the world’s background plate so you will need to figure out a clever way to hide that discrepancy in your shot.

Thanks for the reply, your info were useful to me.