HDRI problems, why does it shows too big?

Hello, Im currenctly working on a scene and i want to achieve some nice realistic illumination, this is the first time I use an HDRI to light up my scene, but, when I load up the HDR I want to use it shows up like enormously big like in the screenshot. I can only see like 4 colors when rotating the whole scene. You can see on the material tab how the HDR is supposed to look but I have no idea of what im doing wrong, please help and thank you :slight_smile:


had the same problem, worked out that I could only see the env tex when in the camera view (num pad 0). I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong either but that’s how it is on my puter.

Your in Orthographic mode, i.e. all your view rays are parralel and land on the same pixel of the hdri. Press numpad5 to go into perspective view.