HDRI problems


I’ve encountered some problems while I tried to render some HDRI images. So I deselected all objects. After that I select the world buttons and press the texture button. As texture type I select “image”. Then I select the HDRI map and load it into the texture browser. I also enabled the skydome rendering, envmap,… and enabled the yafray renderer but still the image doesn’t show up. What am I doing wrong ? Or do you need a plugin to render those HDRI images?

Thanks in advance and greetz


To render using HDRI

  • Click on “World Buttons”
  • Click “Add new Texture”
  • Load HDRI probe (just like any other texture, although it doesn’t show a preview); Filter value = 5
  • Click “World Butons” again
  • Click “Texture and Input” tab, click “AngMa”
  • Click “Map to” tab; click “Hori” (deselect Blend, ZenUp and ZenDo)
  • Render

That’s my recipe.