Hdri process confusion (cycles)

I’m having a bit of trouble understanding a hdri setup in blender cycles.

from what i’ve read,you’re supposed to use a blurred hdri image for the environment lighting (image based lighting)

It says that here… http://www.hdrlabs.com/sibl/how_it_works.html

but you’re supposed to use a separate hi-res as a specular component?

I’ve read that using the blurred image supposedly creates less noise?

but then where do you plug the hi res image to get quality reflections?

i’m just confused because in most tutorials i’ve seen in cycles, people just seem to load up the hi-res image alone and use that as the environment,none of this other stuff is even mentioned,and you know,i’d like to actually do things properly than half-assidly (yes i made that word up)

hope you guys can help :slight_smile:

I’m fairly new to cycles as a whole.

try using setup like this, for defining which ray would be used for reflections/camera/etc

ah,fantastic! thanks a lot,I plugged the reflection into the factor and got the desired effect.Admittedly, I don’t why it worked,but I know it will be useful for future work.Looks like I need to read up on light paths.I can’t find any technical information on the renderer itself.The wiki doesn’t really explain anything in detail.

All I can find on cycles are the “click here,and then click here” kind of tutorials,can you point me in the right direction of finding out more technical information? like what the nodes do and why? what kind of renderer it is? I really want to get educated on the technical stuff to develop a better understanding of what i’m doing.

thanks again for that!

I recently found this short tutorial on just this subject. I don’t know if this is similar to,what is being suggested above, but it makes sense.