HDRI questions

How do I do it? What type of image do I need to use? What does HDRI do? Why should I use it? 8)



hdri are images that also store information about light in the real world.
to make your own hdri you need a software (ie hdr workshop) and different photos of the same place taken with different exposure.

you need them if you want to recreate a light setup of a real place, infact usign them your object will be lighted according to light data stored in the hdri.

not sure how to use them with last releases of blender.

Well, as far I have understood it, HDRI images can be used to provied image based light solution in renders. So there’s no need for lights.

So what you need, is Yafray, because Blender internal doesn’t do HDRI. But yafray does.

What you need next is a HDRI image. Just go googling and you should find a whole punch of them.
Next step is to add the HDRI image as world texture. Blender doesn’t show the pic itself, but it is there, trust me. It will be visible in the yafray render.
Then last go to render settings, selcet yafray and set yafray GI to Skydome or full and quality to low or medium or what ever.

Then hit render. That should do the trick.

You can also make HDRI images yourself with a program called HDRIshop. and what’s best, it’s free.

I hope this helps you.

I searched in google images. Is this an HDRI image?


Ah, my bad, sorry, you should google for “HDRI probes”. HDRI images got .HDR extension on them, but as i feel so darn helpfull, here’s a link on couple oh HDRI images:


but I think that image of yours has been made using HDRI.

Blender cannot use HDRI, YafRay can


ooo, nice pics. I actully have a few pics that look like this. Do I download teh .hdr one?

OK, the only way to use HDRI images in your render for actual lighting is to download the HDR files. Then you need to do the following steps:

a) DL Yafray and install, of course. :stuck_out_tongue:
b) Model your scene or load a previously made scene.
c) In WORLD settings:
i) Add new world
ii) Change from BLEND to REAL
iii) Add Texture and load an HDR file
iv) Set texture mapping to HORI
vi) Set Input to AngMap
vii) Set your renderer to Yafray and render with Skydome GI method (the only method that currently supports HDRI export direct from Blender)
d) Press render and wait for a long time. :smiley:

For Blender raytracer, do all the above, but load an ANGMAP image, (i.e. jpg, tga), instead of the HDR file. And render with AO on.


What is an ANGMAP? Where can I find them?

None of Blender’s world settings are used, you don’t have to set Angmap mode or Real or anything, the only thing to do is adding a hdr image, all those settings are only of use to rendering with Blender when using a world texture, not yafray. This probably will change in the future though.
And as I said before, of course you can use the ‘full’ GI method. Using ‘SkyDome’ would be equivalent to what blender does when using AO and world texture, so no actual GI, only shadows.

it seems like there are a lot of different opinions out there. Who is right? It would be nice if someone could right up a list or tut on exactly how to do it correctly.

Well, eeshlo is one of the developers of Yafray, so I would say that he is correct. :wink: Plus eeshlo is a god amongst us, there is another point in his favour. :smiley:

So, do as eeshlo says.

As for the AngMaps, [email protected] has a thread in General Discussion board here. Do a search and you will find it.


Here they are:http://www.frontiernet.net/~krich/images/angmaps/

ok, so i need an angmap jpeg, and a .hdr?


You need and AngMap for Blender internal render set as a World texture.

You need the HDR file for rendering with Yafray, to get HDRI lighting.

They are completely different.


So I can use an .hdr to get hrdi lighting but dont have to use an ang map? Or do I have to use both at the same time?

How do I load a .hdr anyway?

Again, you can only use and AngMap with Blender internal renderer. Set it as an image texture in the world settings.

For HDRI, load the .hdr file into the image texture slot, the same as you would the AngMap, but then you need to render with Yafray.


oh ok, i got it. so for HDRI I just load the .hdr file into the world settings and render through yafray? Is that all?

That’s all.