HDRI Reflection


Is it possible to set an HDRI image in the world settings but so it only effects the reflection on the 3D objects and the enviroment lighting, but not the background image, so you can then add a photo as the background?

Thanks a lot

Sure – just use the compositor to put your render over the image.

Thanks, I also found setting the Alpha to premultiply in the render settings helps.


Can I get in on this if you’re still here? I’m having trouble with this same exact thing. Here’s my picture:

But when I made that vertical plane reflective I thought it would be reflecting more clouds and blue, but not the default background color?!

Map your background image to a sphere and it will reflect fine. Blendercookie.com shows how to do that a few times – the one about modeling and rendering balloons comes to mind: http://www.blendercookie.com/2010/11/04/creating-a-bunch-of-balloons/

You can also go to the layers menu and switch off sky there,