HDRI + Sun lamp

Sorry for this question, but I really still don’t know how to answer it correctly. Is it correct to use HDRI in pair with Sun lamp for lighting or it’s not a good solution? The matter is, each of them produces its own shadows, so I guess maybe it’s better not to use them alongside? Thank you very much for your hints.

Yes, having two light sources like that is something you probably want to avoid, unless you manage to align the sun and HDRI sun perfectly.
That’s not to say there are no uses of having both in the same scene. I have made many scenes with both because of a specific reason - having the HDRI form the background image, but only have the sun lamp emit light for more control. You could use the light path node to switch backgrounds (between visble one and emitting one) depending on whether the camera sees it directly or is a reflection in the environment.

unyxium thank you very much for your explanation. I think I got your main idea, but would you be so kind to illustrate basically the nodes setup which you meant?

This node setup shows what I was trying to explain. This is for the world background. Here is a HDRI used only for the camera to see directly (pixels that are sky). The other backround shader (with the grey colour) is what will be used for illuminating other objects. The light path node chooses which one is used based on is camera ray.

@blackcatt , you can use my free addon to align the sun lightsource to the sun in the HDRI:

unyxium and akej74, much thanks to you both!
I’ve already installed the addon, that sounds like fantastic! Will try it right now.
unyxium thank you for your example of nodes setup!
PS akej74 it works perfectly well! Thanks again!

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