HDRI test

well i finally got round to learning how to use hdri… its really wasnt hard at all :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway heres my test (excuse the crappy floor texture)

i wonder if anyone could point me to some good sites where i can find .hdr images?

Nice HDRI render :slight_smile:

here you can find .hdr images! :wink:

Well done. The shaders on the balls are very nice and not your typical smooth refelctive sphere, which is a good thing. :wink:

The image texture you used for the ground is way too low res. Really makes it look bad IMO. Get a better ground texture and re-render this one.


Rik: thanks for that site, but i already knew about it

BgDM: thank you for your comment. im going to find a new ground texture (still saving for a good camera of my own :frowning: ) and re render

here we go with the updated floor texture:


Very nice!

You might want to increase the ray depth a bit, though, to get rid of the black blotch between the two reflective balls.

Beautiful renders jaderberg but, why is the first floor texture wrong? I mean: they both seem correct to me…and very well applied!

As for the HDRI thing…it seems you got a good command :smiley:


vidarino: wow i never noticed that black patch, looks like im going to have to do another render :x

juanjavier: thanks alot. i thought the first floor texture was not high res enough