HDRI vs. Sky Domes

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Are sky domes/boxes meant to light a scene in the same way as HDRI’s? I’ve tried to research but not really finding anything. I don’t even know if what I’m asking makes sense.

Or let me ask another way. If you are just visualizing a static scene (let’s say, interior), does it make a difference which one is used?


A skydome is an equirectangular or boxmapped image of the sky, hdr means a high color range suitable for lighting a scene. If a skydome is an hdr image, it’s good for lighting, if its ldr it’s only good as a background image.

Good source for hdrs: https://hdrihaven.com/

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Whereas the term HDRI essentially refers to “it can be whiter than white, and blacker than black.” The full numeric range-of-values that is available is used. (Eventually, of course, it must be tone-mapped to a real display or paper.)

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