HDRI - Yaffin!

Yafray’s got HDRI.


when how where ??? :o


Should I be worried?
What’s HDRI?

and remember: There are no stupid questions, only stupid people %|

Hehe, nothing to worry about, be jolly! HDRI is like a panorama image mapped to a giant sphere around your scene. HDRI means High Dynamic Range Image. It contains lighting info and the HDRI probe lights the scene. It’s high dynamic because it stores more info than you can see at a glance. For instance when you darken the image, light spots can still be white, hm… difficult to explain, just be jolly!

HDRI is an image format, it is not only limited to light probe.

unlike standard image format where colors are stored as integers, HDRI use floating point numbers to increase precision to almost perfection.


Ookkay, thanks fellas :slight_smile:

Shameless self plug.

I keep hearing about hdri, but I haven’t seen any tuts…any help? btw I’ve downloaded sopack, and the terragen plug in, do I need anything else?

I also got WaterWorks, a big improvement on Terragen and Sopaks’ water capabilities. And don’t forget ter2blend.


Anyone know where I can obtain some free HDRI images?

http://www.debevec.org/Probes/ ?

Herm… I know the point in using light probes to enlight your scene is to capture real lighting information.

However, I’m wondering if it’s possible to PAINT (instead of taking a photo of a chrome ball…) an image and store it to be an HDRI?


i dont think anyone had created a paint program for them, but you can render 3d scenes to HDRIs if youn like

Well, I know of at least one commercial package ‘Photogenics HDR’ that does allow you to paint & process HDR images. But maybe there are other programs that can do this too, I’m not sure. It wouldn’t be that difficult to add to any image processing package. There is also Film GIMP which supports OpenEXR (another high dynamic range format), I don’t know if it supports .hdr files.

yep, terragen is a perfect example.