HDRI YafRay Batteries! (Yes, more batteries.)

Well, inspired by Misune’s rousing attempt at batteries, I decided to give it a go with the batteries I am currently using. Here you are. I’m doing another render with a little less intense light.


In the event that the hotlink isn’t working:

the image is nice although you need to up the cache quality or perhaps the gi quality as you shadows are very blotchy but they look good to me!

did you change your name? weren’t you angolair? the name mix up is confusing as those shadows! lol! nice can’t wait for an update.

oh, and sorry i took the caustic glory you had! :smiles in defience! then looks sad:

My handle has never changed. I’ve finally hunted down an OS X HDRI program, and edited the .hdr file to tone down the lighting. As far as the caustics, I’m happy to see you experimenting, and quite frankly, imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery. I’m rendering a new one right now, it should be done soon.

I think it’s very good!

My only critic…the battery poles could have more reflections and speculars.
(my opinion)

See ya!

I’ve moved this to the finished works forum. Here is my product, but if you care to comment, please do so over there:



much better now!

Looks great! What is this “OS X HDRI program” you speak of? I’d like to try it out!