Hey guys I’ve been trying for a long time to figure out what HDRI is. I have looked every were I possibly can to figure out what it is. I know it has somin to do with rendering quality. Plz help ty :smiley:

did you try google?

it is pretty easy.

it is using an image to reflect onto the objects in the scene to make it look like you have a larger setting.

hdri means ‘High Dynamic Range Imaging’ this means that the colors have a lot more data per pixel, and it can be more realistically darkened and lightened.

ooooo lol ty I guess I’ll have to search for a tut on how to acctually do that ty for explaining. I’ve never used google. don’t know why though :slight_smile:

This is environment mapping. The phrase “high dynamic range image/imaging/imagery” or its abbreviation HDRI says nothing about its uses.

Of course a HDR image can be used as an environment map. That is especially useful for materials with low reflection like car paint. For highly reflective surfaces like metal a low dynamic range image is sufficient in most cases.

The most common use of HDRI in 3D graphics is image-based lighting. Imagine an image wrapped around your 3D scene. From the direction of bright spots in your image shines more light than from darker parts of the image. Because of the high dynamic range (much more than 256 shades of rgb) the lighting is very realistic. Moreover the color of the light matches perfectly with the image. That way it is great for compositing.

High Dynamic Range, in games, is usually used to create a bloom effect, where unusually bright parts of an object will create a foggy patch of light around that area. I haven’t seen HDR used for anything but bloom and more accurate lighting calculations (since the values do not clip at 1.0).