Ok, I just want to make a yafray render that uses a HDRI BG, but how? I want to give YABLE a shot but I tried to render something the other day and blender Crashed!!! Help me plz.

Go to the top of this page, click on “search” and enter “hdri”.
Simple as that.

EDIT: Shit!! I can not believe I missed my 1000th post!

I want to give YABLE a shot

YABLE !?!?! yafray is already implemented in Blender via plug-in.
Yable is not longer needed. Be sure, though, that you have installed Blender and Yafray compatible versions. For instance, for the last Blender release, you need actually yafray 009.

Gaurav tutorial, YafRay as an Integrated External Renderer:

About HDRI:


Yeah, but what about Dof, or HDRI Bg’s I told you I’m not good with XML.

The second link I posted is about HDRI backgrounds. XML editing is not needed. Please take a look again.

In the same document there is a DOF section. NO XML editing needed as well.

Looks like it’ll help thx.