how do you use an HDRI image?
i cant figure it out on my own, even though it’s probably right in front of me.

thank you all for the help

Did someone actually help you? If not, to use an HDRI image, I have always had to use Yafray to render, unless they changed it in 2.46. I think I saw some kind of patch that broken made to allow HDRI rendering, but I can’t remember what it was exactly (haven’t been on the forums in a few days).

Load your HDRI image into your world texture (make sure you increase the filter size a bit or you’ll get grainy reflections and lighting) , map it as either an angmap, sphere or tube. Then simply turn on GI in Yafray, (full works best, but either will do). I find that medium quality gives you a good balance of speed vs. quality. I did a best vs medium quality render once with minimal difference in quality (time increased A LOT though).

Here is an HDRI lighting tutorial.
…and this is an example:- http://www.debevec.org/RNL/ “Download the Movie”

there wasn’t anything on that page…

I’m not sure why ellipses got inserted into that otherwise correct link:


There are some uses for HDR images mapped to the world as AngMap’s or Sphere, then setting Ambient Occlusion to ‘Sub’ and ‘Sky Texture’. There is more info here:


If I am not mistaken, this approach is considered low dynamic range (LDR) and the approach is considerably different than YafRay or unbiased renderers like luxrender.

Thanks g60, I copied the link from another post, so the posted text was edited. Sorry markamorrossi, but to be honest - google Blender+HDRI+tutorial, - what could go wrong? (Anything you need you can probably find with Blender+wiki+whatyouneedtoknow)

hmmm. maybe i asked the wrong question.
i knew how to do that…
i want to know how to render the object with the reflection, but not have the HDRi in the background, that way i can use just a flat color as the background

Are you using the HDRi image for lighting or just for reflections?
If the answer is, just for reflections, then try this: Load the HDRi image (or any image for that matter) as an Image texture for the material you want to be reflective. Set the Map Input for that texture to Refl and the Map to to Col. This will map the image texture to the Reflective surface of your object, without actually having that image in the scene.

thank you very much!