He Came, He Saw, He Left **Updated**

My late night bored out of my mind creation.

BTW he’s not meant to be slimey. More like those sticky hands you get in a machine.


he he he, very good m8
looks like plastic
but it looks like the planes havnt been lined flush against each other in the background,
lol :smiley:

Yeah that’s called being very tired, and not taking the time to line them up! haha

reminds me of a very early model from somethign off Pixar’s monsters inc good work

haha same here Vaccine0101 it looks like it. very cool btw why dont u add a voroni or something like that too it might look a wee little better ;).*i like talking as i know what im talking bout :stuck_out_tongue: *

Quick Update


Nice update.
But maybe you should add some Nor to the creatures skin.

I just did and I didn’t like the way it came out. It was lookin a little too “snake-ish”.

haha just was thinking looks like you cut off a snails eye and jsut put a lamp and colored it lol nice update


Like a giant slug broke into my house and I ripped off one eye and he slithered away. This is all I have to remind me of that fateful day.