He should be gone!!

Ok, I got really mad at that DarthArtist guy and so I started telling my freinds how dumb he was. Welll, one of my freinds goes,“hey, I made that screen name, funny huh?!” It ends up he saw elysiun when he came over one day and made the screen name off my computer… (me=mad) So I told him to quit, if he doesnt please dont blame me. I told him to stop. If you ban the IP it may be mine since he made it on my computer. So just see if he posts again. :< freind is looser!!! :<

your friend = queerbait, nothing else to say, he made a user just to make fun and annoy people, that is stupid.

So you’re saying DarthArtist isn’t Kansas_15? That’s what I thought, 'cause he sure acted like him.

Nope, not Kansas. But I think he (my freind) used many of his tactics since I have told him many kansas stories. %|

It’s funny because in all the time that your friend posted, there’s a 6 hours gap filled by yourself posting stuff (starting an hour after he stopped).

I suggest you be more careful about what your friend does on your computer and tell him that pretending to be a moron, aside from being not funny, makes you one…


I thought this was going to be another BUSH thread, LOL.

Ohhh thats just dripping. My thoughts exactly, though.

So he not raelly frencH? Golly, he sure fool me! I fergivv he english…

You could tell he wasn’t french when he used “I dunno”. Yeah, you don’t know English but you know the correct spelling of it’s unoffical slang contractions. Stupid lier, to boot.

You guys should stop with the baseless Kansas_15 theories. He made every single one of his 3616 posts from the same static IP address, which no one else has posted from. I think that’s pretty strong evidence that he hasn’t come back. He’s not DarthArtist, nor is he TheANIMAL.

EDIT: Oh hey, this is my 600th post.

DarthArtist is a spammer no more no less

Couldn’t think of a better chance to post this, but did anyone else notice “Kansas_15.1”? I found that kind of funny. Or, funny as theeth over there would type. [Edit] Just noticed “Kansas_15.2”.

P.S. Can’t decide whether or not I’ve gone off on a tangent with this post, so apologies in advance.

:expressionless: Confession… Kansas 15.1 and .2 were going to be a joke post from me but I don’t want to spam the forum and I know the moderators and administrators wouldent like that so I didnt. Would have kinda been funny, but worthless… and childish… so I didnt and I won’t.

he’s gone now 8)

hmm… :expressionless:

and no, it wouldn’t have been funny even in the slightest.

check for any users with a name like


or sasnak51

kansas16…through 99

or any other variation.


…or names like Matilda. Because Matilda is teh evil (she’s teh ghey as well).

I agree with your suspicions. Evidence:

The culprit has been found. I rest my case yer honnor.

OK, this one is over.