He took the wrong way.

(MrRolord) #1

From then and now I try pretty frequently to create realistic looking nature and forest scenes.
So the last couple days I’ve been working on a new project where I tried to achieve my goal.

For this I added a bunch of new plants, trees and so on to my library of nature assets Ive created already.

And here is the final result, hope you like it.

And in case someone wants to see the process on how I made it, here is the first episode of the livestreams i did while I was working on it:

(usernew) #2

I also made a forest scene. Yours is far better. Lovely work!

(MrRolord) #3

Another, brighter version which I actually prefer.

(sundialsvc4) #4

Well, the road-kill animal on that roadway is a little bit unsettling … :spin:

The only constructive comment that I would make is that, if you pulled a histogram on this image, you would find featureless blacks (lower-left corner) and overexposed light areas (god-beams near tree trunk, surface of road, dead animal). I think that you would also find a general color-cast.

A little bit of levels-adjustment and possibly color-correction, perhaps done “in post,” would improve the shot. (Basically, the burning-and-dodging that a printmaker might do in a physical darkroom.)

(usernew) #5

There is a really big problem with this picture I forgot to mention. The animal in the pic is a lion. Lions don’t live in jungles. They live in open savannah.

(andrew.p) #6

That’s why it’s dead.

(MrRolord) #7

Thats on purpose, further more, its not a jungle, its a forest like u got them in Germany. I wanted to make the viewer wonder why there is a dead lion in the western forest.

(monttheanimator) #8

Great Work, and demo.

(3pointEdit) #9

Nice render… I wonder where the lions lived in British Isles? No Savannah there

(MrRolord) #10

Maybe he escaped from the Zoo or so, who knows :smiley:

(Chamine) #11

Beautiful work!