"He was not worthy, Usul."

Chani, wife of Paul Muad’Dib, known to his tribe as Usul, from the classic novel Dune. She has just dispatched a challenger to Paul’s newly-won authority among the Fremen. The killing was done neatly, with little loss of the body’s precious moisture. Such is the Fremen way.

I’ve tried to focus on only the essentials of character and setting, but still have a lot of work ahead bringing in subtle details, in particular adding some wear and tear to her garments. They don’t look quite lived in yet. I also plan to remodel her facial details some to provide a more ethnic quality, less European and more Middle Eastern.

C&C always welcome.

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Details added and some GIMP touch-ups. Final(?) image, rendered in Cycles, Blender 2.92

A closeup, slightly cropped from full 2K to raise the portrait in the frame.

Comment, critiques, and suggestions are welcomed.