Head #1 - Male Caucasian

I finally decided to plunge in to modeling human heads. At this point in time, I’m starting with “male caucasian”, then going to move to “female caucasian”, followed by (male and female) “asian”. Depending on how comfortable I feel at that point in regards to proportionality and head modeling in general, I’ll probably return to one of the heads to work on things like texture, key framing, body, and/or clothes…depending on what I feel like. If I need to do more, I’ll take on a few more ethnicities. Buuuut, first things first, a middle-aged white guy’s head.

How do the loops and such look on him? I think I managed to get rid of all the triangles (except for one on the back side of the ear that I gave up on). As I continue on my personal heads project, I’m thinking I’ll get more efficient at making them. For this one, I had a hard time on the ears and eyes. And as I wait for any crits, I think I’m going to play with the corners of his mouth, as per various mouth tutorials.

Front View
Side View
Off-side View

Anything where it doesn’t look like the wires are connecting is an illusion. For some reason certain wires didn’t want to “connect” when I added the wires on top of the solid view. Go fig. They are there, though.