head and body ('nuditiy')

hi. if anyones got the time, I’m woring on a new head and body. I used extrude on the jaw and on joints as knees and such.
I’m hoping this will make realistic bending of limbs easier.
this is a new approach for me, so comments and critz are appreciated.

progress is on http://projectredz.blogspot.com/
files for head and head-body joined attached.


redheadc_9.blend (153 KB)redz_whole_13L.blend (879 KB)

Hi ashess! Good Job!!

When I started trying to make humans I did it the same way you are doing it. Hehe, it took me a long time to discover that that was not the best way to do it…

Now, my advice is that you stop rigging that model, and you start ¨retopologizing¨ it. So, a good thing to do would be that you add some multires levels to the model, and that you sculpt her just as you want her to be in High Resolution. When you have finished, make a new object, go to edit mode, click on the retopo tool and start drwawing the geometry from scratch.

Here are two videos showing up how to use retopo:



You shoud take a look at a good human topology example model like this one:


Download the .OBJ models at subdivion levels 1 and 2, import them in Blender and try to reproduce that kind of topology in your own model with the retopo tool.

If you work with all these in mind you will have the best starting point ever.

For the rigging part, my reccomendation is that you don´t use weight painting. Use the Mesh Deform modifier aproach instead. You can have a look at the Big Buck Bunny characters for that. You can also check out my project, it is called BlenRig, and it is a human characters rigging system. With my aproach you won´t need any shapekeys in your model, and you will be able to achieve the best deformation possible.

If you wanna use the shapekeys aproach, check BenDansie´s character at this thread:


Well, you can download BlenRig at www.jpbouza.com.ar

Here is BlenRig´s Vimeo channel for tutorials on it.


Keep it up!!

hey Jpbouza.
thanks for that! thats a lotta usefull stuff.
giving it a look now!

I’m trying out the retopo.
is it possible by the way just to create a point out of nothing (in an emptied object, or at least not attached to the other vertexes), or do you just have to cut some loose and move them like I did?


redz_retopo4.blend (811 KB)

If you create a cube, select a vertex and hit SHIFT+D you will have an unattached vertex.
Anyway, the best way to do retopo is like it is shown in the videos, you set the new object to Xray, you make the original object visible, and then you start extruding the edges or the faces over it, and all the newly created vertexes will follow the surface of the original object.

You’re doing a great job!

again, thanks for all the help!
the retopo’s coming along ok, but I’m looking into the mesh deform now.
it seems to work well enough for limbs and so. but for the fingers, I get a very ‘squashed’ look;
I think it can be fixed by adding vertexes to the mesh-deform; but that seems to defeat the purpose of it. would it be better just to add finger moves using shape keys? anyone have any ideas? are there ways to let bones jut out without shapekeys? like the knuckles and elbow should?

if you hold control(CTRL) and click anywhere in edit mode it adds a vertex… :wink:

ah, ye. control-click is the one I was looking for, thanks.
I’m still a little confused on the mesh-deformer issue.
I’m trying to set it up like the bigbunny chars are; a skeleton that drives the deformer, that drives the mesh. but just setting up envelopes for the mesh-deformer doesn’t seem adequate to me. do I have to way-paint anyway? and still the finger issue.
if this isn’t the right place for such questions, I apologize.

www.jpbouza.com.ar, download zepam and take a look at my video tutorials. In the tutorial named functionality I show how the armature modifier and the mesh deform modifier interact in zepam´s rigging.

The concept is basically the same of the BBB characters, although I extended it for face rigging. The main idea is that you have the armature modifier first, and then the mesh deform modifier. You have to manually paint a vertex group called ´´no mesh deform´´ or what ever you like to define the areas of influence of each modifier. The hands, feet and the head are only affected by the armature modifier, and the rest of the body by the mesh deform modifier.
So, in both modifiers you have to put ´´no mesh deform´´ in the vertex group tab, and you have to click the ´´inv´´ (invert) button in the mesh deform modifier.


Here´s a picture of the no mesh deform group in zepam.

oh, hey! your the guy from blenrig!
awesome rig man! and ty very much for this!

retopo for the face. still has some seams but I think they’r in save places.


redz_retopo8.blend (819 KB)

Geat! I´m glad to see you came along well with the retopo workflow!

If yo don´t mind, I´m gonna mention a few things that may improve the polygon flow.

First of all, the size of the polygons should be more homogeneous, it´s not a good idea that the polys are so different in size. Maybe you are already concerned about this, but I´m just pointing out the issues that I see in the blend file. Nothing that a good smooth brush in sculpt mode can´t fix.

I´m not sure about this kind of flow.

It produces an unnecessary peak in the geometry that might show up in the subdivided mesh in certain lighting situations. try to avoid those ¨triangular¨ quads as much as you can.

In order to avoid those situations, try to follow the edge loops, don´t lead them to a premature end. Keep in mind that you will surely need a lot more of edge loops in order to make the body ¨flow¨ from the head, so don´t waste them unnecessarily.

Keep it up!

wow. I was a little worried about the different sizes, but didnt realize what effect this would give. thanks for the pointers!