Head and body reference files

I think this is the right forum for this…

Does anyone know where I can get matching front, side (and if possible top) reference files for the human head, and if possible the human body also?

As I havent been able to find matching ones and its difficult to get thing in the right place when one reference says the top of the eye socket is here while the other says its there for example

lol… take pictures of your friends…
it’s best to generate your own reference photos if possible (and if time permits) because only you know what kind of character you want… ie body type, face type, gender, head shape etc… find someone as close to what you want in real life and snap away (with permission, of course:D) or find several people with features you would like… an arm here, a leg there… only make sure to use the same person’s photo for all angles for that body part.
if you don’t mind crappy webcam-resolution pictures, I can donate pics of my head from most angles(if you think an asian girl would help; asians’ features are different from eurasians, tho most features should be in the same spot)
I refuse to strip, tho.
BTW-why would you want a picture of a head from the top???

Good advice. Meanwhile…


Clothed models in the link above, but their heads aren’t. There are other good links posted around here but you’ll have to search them out. (I’d post a few more but I need to reorganize my favorites folder -I’m lucky I found this one in that mess). :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link. I wanted more of a basic anatomical head refernece set to get the head shape right, my plan was to use refenreces like that to then get the heads of different races looking right.

But I can use them too I think, it will probably be easier to tell depth as well compared to an artistic reference.

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A picture from the top makes it easier to tell depth, as in the references i am using now things look right when compared to the front and side references but turn out to be worng loking, I suppose its more a result of my ineptitude than a failure of the reference materials however…