Head angelina

Hi all,

After a break of a couple of years I got the urge to pick up modelling again. I am new to blender though, as I used c4d before. Actually most of the modelling was done a few years ago in c4d.

Been toying with the hair today, now I’ll see if I can find a tutorial of how to unwrap the uv’s so I can start on some texturing.



Not bad considering it’s Angelina Jolie. Your model looks better than she does in real life.

could you explain a little how you did the hair . You have some good light on the back.

Thanks dleri, I used only reference pictures from the first tomb raider movie, and the lady has aged a bit since then.
Also there is no bump map yet, but I will get to that.

Quaz, I used a lot of different vertex groups to get some parting of the hair and because that makes it a lot easier to comb.
The big part of the lighting is one area light that is behind the head pointing towards the camera. I added a blend file with the hair and light settings if you want to take a look.

Been working on some textures, next I’ll have a look at a bump map




HairAndLight.blend (1.15 MB)

That looks great. Took me almost a month to get to that point on my project.

Funny I noticed on your blend file while I was trying to reduce the render time. The ‘strand render’ option on the particle hair makes the shader behave wildly different. The hair acquires the specular colour at almost 100% although its defined to 20% making the hair look really bad. Its a pity since the render drops to 1 minute from almost 8 minutes with the high quality settings.

Cant have it all I guess :slight_smile: