Head concept


I have painted with my tablet this head of character which is going to be modelled.

I aimed on sligtly stylisation and it should to be symphatetic hero- comments and crits are welcome :slight_smile:


Looks good, needs a little more bulk to the hair around the ears from the front profile view.

Thanx for tip :slight_smile:

seems like the jaw and mouth should be a bit larger and more square.

like modrons avatar lol

I think that the pony tail doesent suit it i think that most of the heros are more clean shaven short haired and the head is shaped like a box, but if your going to be creative this is great.

good work

the beard follows the entire jaw and wraps up to under the ear and makes a circle to the side burns. the eyes don’t look completely centered with the face but not too off. It’s probably more the eyebrows that really makes it noticable. look at the space between the end of the brow and the temple of the skull, on side has wayyy more spac then the other. Also, the left nostral is different from the left as if he had a broken nose, if that was your intent then you got it perfect! Overall though it’s a nice face, better then I can do most of the time, and with a tablet way better then I!