Head Cycles


So I thought that I would take Cycles for a ride with some highres textures(6 4k 32 bit textures) and highres mesh(1 mil poly) I had modeled to create some skin stuff. I will add some hair for eyebrows, and some slight improvements for for underlying veins. Considering that we do not have real subsurface shader at the moment in Cycles, certain looks are much harder to get. I am more used to working with Modo, Messiah and Mantra rendering, so Cycles was a bit of different approach. In the end I liked certain things, it definitely has great future. It is a fun renderer to setup and work with it.

I guess my biggest wish is to get speed improvements.



I think I met this guy, you’re made. Great anatomy of the face and skull. The skin is really well done. How did you achieve the texturing of the skin pores, that is if you’re willing to disclose. If not, I completely understand. Magic and magicians tricks.

Damn man, looking nice. Far from photorealism, but it’s a great model and texture job.

Wow, yes! Magnificent modeling and texturing! I also quite enjoy the lighting you’ve set up. All together, you’ve acheived an end result that feels both realistic and stylized. This character feels very tactile, like we can imagine how the surface of his skin feels without even touching him. 5 stars!

Incredible modeling! You can see how the skin feels, it’s incredible work!

I don’t know if you were going for that but the skin looks incredibly rough around the cheeks and well I suppose it should be a tad bit smoother or maybe it is that the pores should be smaller. I am not so sure but it’s either one.

I have a shader that emulates SSS to some degree, you might want to give it a try, it’s in my signature down there.

This is really nicely done! The only thing that’s immediately wrong is the normal map needs to be toned down a lot…the pours are way too deep? is that the right work? Anyway, you know what i mean :smiley:

nice work, modeling very good, pores are too strong, but otherwise look great. also the skin color looks a tad odd, but that could be just on my monitor…


I am glad that everyone liked it him so far.

I generally do not like to design/model clean cut looking cg models, so this dude follows the same tradition with his deviated proportions. I also know that the pores a bit too much, but that was a visual decision I made, and it works in some places, and it does not others. I think one of the reason the pores fails in some places is due to lack of the hair roots. I was not able to properly multiply(or darken) the pores.

He is on the tough side so I thought exaggerating the skin will fit in the nature of the character. In any respect it can definitely be improved. And lack of proper eyebrows does not help for sure.

Again thanks for the comments. Along the way this was a short setup, and Cycles proved to be a tasty render engine, obviously having node based setup definitely extends the possibilities of what we can do with it.

Good job dude!

I’d agree that you should tone the bump down a bit and maybe vary the spec a bit.

But the sculpt is solid. :yes:.

Did you use a map for the fine detail or is it all sculpted?

Most of the detail is sculpted, but things like pores are just simple bump map.