Head doodle with potential

Hey, nothing fancy here, just something I did in about 3 hours. Decided I’m gona take this one further than most single heads I do, think it’ll be good to practice texturingskills.

enjoy, and … C+C is always more than welcome

3 hours… Why do I always get depressed whenever someone says that?
Good job, good luck with the texturing, I personally hate that section.

dude, three hours, I know, but once every month or whatever … you know, you have this day that whatever you try just works (in contradiction to most other days when nothing seems to work, whatever you try). And… yeah… texturing is the hardest part imho, makes or breaks your model so… hope it’ll work

nice work looks sweet, can we see a wire?

Sure thing, here you go, I know the topology lacks some flow here and there.


Okay, here’s a little vertexpainting test… and 2 cloud-procedurals as bump- and specmaps



Awesome. It looks dead because of the eyes.

wow, I am amazed!

U know, he reminds me of somebody :wink:
Do you TeamFortress2 from Valve? There is
the “heavy guy” :wink: They look similar

Hey, here’s a little update, just messing around withg SSS and all that, I know it isn’t perfect but… first time really using SSS so…


This dude is mean looking.

I can’t pin point it, but he’s kinda got a lazy eye going on