Head *finished*


just the ear to go now :grimmace:

oh, and never mind the joining seam in the middle there…

The bottom lip has a little point on it, are you going to smooth it out?

very nicely done!

some small things need to be fixed tho.

The are around the nose seems a bit sharp, you might want to smooth out this area a bit more. Also you might want to give the mouth some better definition.

Anyway, it’s a great job so far so i’m sure you’ll get around fixing those probs! keep it up!


You have gone where (so far) I have feared to tread.

I like it, but there a weird horizontal crease under his nose that looks too pronounced and unnatural.

Your left eyeball in melting through the left eyelid (that’s easily corrected though).

The right eyelid has a funny crease in it - but that may well be deliberate.

One thing I do notice is the eyes are VERY deep-set. It’s like an epic journey from the cheek bone to the eye ball. :slight_smile:
Because of the depth of the eye socket it’s made the top of the check bone look like a cliff face. Usually, I’d expect a far more gentle slope here. This may be an illusion though because on the left side where it’s lighter it looks much better and it’s just a mirror image.


thanks caleb.

the crease under the nose and the eyeball have both been fixed, the eyelid i dont really see as an issue, everyone has different skin folds around that area. as for the cheek bone, i think its just a fact of lighting.

i also greatly modified the topology, its a far cleaner mesh now.


THe cheekbones need to be a little more emphasized.

i’d actually disagree, i think its more to do with that the cheek isnt fleshed out below the cheekbones. will be improved in next update.

hmmm, the nose seems a bit narrow until near the end, kind of flares out a bit sudden, but that could just be the lighting/angle.
Also the cheeckbones do seem a little wierd, kind of like they are pinching together at the nose or something, but i think it has more to do with the lower cheek not being fleshed out, like you said.
keep up the good work :slight_smile:

finished result in this thread

I saw your finished work “armored soldier” (awesome, BTW), and you may not need this, but, oh well, I’ll pop it out there anyway… There’s a good subdiv ear modelling tute here. Also a good head one here. Just FYI… :wink: