head from UV sphere>>*Update

Though I know it is typically done with cubes, I thought I’d use the knife tool to make a head from a UV sphere. Not bad for a days modelling, eh?

very well done indeed! now learn RVK’s, and animate him!

Excellent start.


Nice… how about subsurfed version?

Thanks, I’m getting close to done with it, so I will put up the subsufed version in the next couple of days if I don’t go crazy doing the ears.

is that the famous second mouth that he has in the forehead?


Here he is now. Still no ears. Getting there. <edit> basse, no, his second one is on the back of his neck, the one on the forehead is his third or maybe fourth,…

Nice modeling so far. Good geometry. I like the eye sockets and the forehead wrinkles. Very convincing.

pretty nice model. Those new tools sure are handy.

I’ve never seen a head come from a UV sphere before, and I like it. Excellent!