Head: Help needed

Well, I’m really new to modelling. I have made few things before but this is my first “living” thing I have started. It’s supposed to be a human head but I just noticed it doesn’t look like one. It’s in really early stage, the main shape is just forming. The head some how looks…cubical. The edges it is. And…something seems to be wrong with it, but I don’t really don’t know what.

So, here it is, please tell me what is wrong and…whatever. If you just comment I would be thankful.


And no, I didn’t use a reference picture. I maybe should have but…

You should use not so much polygons. Make a new mesh an click in edit menu on subsurf. Then you have not much polys to control but much polygons to see :wink: YOu know whati mean ? hrhr.

And hit the set smooth button.

That’s subsurfed…

Or…if that’s what you mean…

Now I just need to learn to add vertices and how to use them…oi.

start out with a circle with ~8 verts for the mouth. then with the same technique for the eyes. slowly start modelling out from there. remember to ALWAYS make the mesh follow the muscles of the face.