head - looking at nowhere


Finished my head for now. Got bored of it :smiley:
I hope u like it.
cya henrik

nice. very nice. he has a big forhead :p. thats ok maybe he is smarter than most people :slight_smile:

looks good kaktu, how did you do the glowing?

very good! :slight_smile:

postprocessing in gimp!


very very cool! :o

Very good kaktuswasser. Just the eyes look to be sunken in too far and the inside of the eyelids can be seen.


nice eyes

thanks the comments guys! I really appreciate that :slight_smile:
Maybe I’ll work on it in some time again and then correct the things u guys
spotted out, but for now i got enough of modelling :stuck_out_tongue:

cya henrik

P.S.: yes, that glowing is done in gimp… As well as the whole color-sheme :smiley:

very nice! really like the glowyness