Head model - crits and help appeciated

Hi everyone,

I wanted to post this because I want some hard feedback and help if you could?

I tend to get affraid of head modeling due to the complexity of it.
If any of you have seen any of my models before in the WIP forum, you will also know, Im not good with blender. I consider myself a noob still actually. simply put, Im rubbish :smiley:

Anyway, down to it. I have started modeling a head and this is one Im actually happy with the progress of so far. What I would like is, someone to crit my topology if you would be so kind, and give me any advice to improve the model I have.

There are a lot of details that arent added yet, which is ok…I just dont want to go the wrong way while Im starting out.


Are you using any reference? Not sure how your doing the renders, but they look awesome! AO enabled? You might want to use the latest version of blender, 2.40 alpha 2. It has a mirror modifer which gets rid of the seam automatically, I’m using it on my head. The nose is too wide, the upper part that is.

Hi, thanks for the reply.
I think I started to use a reference, and then I started doing from eye…which is bad, I know…I do have reference pics, but I didnt think I would get this far with it.

I noticed the nose was a bit odd…you should have seen it before :slight_smile: I looked in the mirror to fix the bottom a bit, but its not perfect yet. Ill take a look at the top of the nose and try and sort that out too.

yes, I used AO for the render :slight_smile:
I have actually got a copy of 2.40 but Im not using it at the moment…dont ask me why, Im weird like that :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking good so far, but it is hard to say exactly what you need to do, but I’ll try.

The head is too wide at the top. Too much space between the outer edgs of the eye and the side of the head.

The eyes look a bit big too.

The side view looks good, but the bridge of the nose seems to need to go back, and maybe the eyes need pushed forward a tiny bit.

Add some “meat” in the cheeks. Lift them up a bit.

While meshing the face, click on the “Optimal” button with Sub Surf on. Then do some adjustments in that mode.

Thanks for the feedback Spin, Ill get on to it today :slight_smile: