Head model (started work on it again):

Some of you might remember this model from before (Stefano perhaps). I didn’t get very far with it at the time. Anyways I started work on it again. Attached the ears, and tweaked them, removed a slew of tris that were causing problems. Fixed the eyes (to some degree) but they still look odd as is. Have to fix the forehead now and give it a little less slope. Also the nose doesn’t quite look proper yet.

And without further ado:

The mouth and nose seem fine (although the lips might be able to use some more depth), but the main thing that’s detracting from it is the lack of protrusion of the eyebrows.

The eyes are essentially “sunken in” on humans to protect the eyeballs from damage. You can put a flat plane from the eyebrow to the cheekbone, and it won’t touch the eye. The forehead slope is fine, but it needs to come forward with the eyebrows.

Another thing is the ears sit just behind the jaw, with the top of the ear in line with the eyebrows, and the lower part of the ear normally lining up with the bottom of the nose.

It looks like you have the basic proportions right, but I’ll relist them here anyway:

The distance between…
Chin->Bottom of Nose
Bottom of noseNose->Eyebrows
Eyebrows -> Hairline

Are all equal. In addition, the eyes are half the distance from the chin to the top of the head (It seems like our eyes are in the upper part of our head, but it’s an illusion because of the hair line… they’re in the center).

Another thing I noticed is that the little groove that extends from the upper lip to the bottom of the nose looks kinda funky. It usually gets smaller towards the nose and ends up being the same width as the distance between nostrals.

Ok worked on it some more. Not sure how much you’ll be able to notice the differences but there is quite a bit I changed, as well as getting rid of a dozen or so more tris.


It looks to me like the ears might have to be pulled towards the back a bit more but I’m not quite sure. Other thing is maybe lowering the tip of the nose a bit so that the nostrils aren’t quite so exposed. I might have to change the lighting a bit though to get an idea of how much tweaking that will need.

After a bit more tweaking it’s probably about time I gave the model eye lids. Then on to adding some eye brows and a bit of hair. The back and top of the head are rather low poly but I figure that won’t matter once it’s covered.

I think either the ear is too far back or the face part needs to turn back a little more. The ear and face should flow together smoothly and have a nice rounded appearance to them.

I think it’s that the jaw goes too far back. The back of the jaw isn’t centered on the neck, it actually stops rather far forward.

I see big improvements though! Keep it up!

i think his head doesnt come back far enough. also, he needs pupils :smiley: