Head model

personaly I think, I have the easiest head modelling method for Blender.
I’ve tried lots of tutorials, topology etc etc. But I end up having prblems with the nose or overall head shape or the jaw line etc etc. Off all the tuts I tried, I combined the methods that could be used best in Blender.
But I am still in the process to perfect it. Especialy, I not fully sastified with the nose. This is my first try. I shall write a tut when I’m done with it. Beginners will find it very useful.
The strong points of this method is:

  1. Correct edge loops
  2. quads only
  3. easy lips
  4. easy jaw line

The model is very low poly, but judge for yourself…


Not much has changed, I didn’t have enough time to work on blender.
I hope to finish the modeling part by next week.
Then I will go into texturing and stuff…

I saw @ndy’s head model. That’s all I have to say.


You make it look so simple! Which of course it isn’t! Great work, I Look forward to the tutorial.

Believe me, it is simple!
Shoot! Now I feel compelled to make a few screenshots how I did it. I gonna shower first…

OK, here goes nothing,

First add a UV sphere. I use 16 segments and 10 rings. You may use other values if you want. This method is fairly flexible. I placed the sphere so that the poles are visible in side view.


Then in front view, hit s,x to squash the sphere horizontaly.


Now delete some things in side view. Delete the poles, delete some segments. Basicaly, delete the segments where the face and neck should be.


Now in side view, select the segment at the bottom of the front head. Hit E to extract the segment all the way down to where the chin/ jaw should be.


Now with the jaw line still selected, rotate it.


In front view, shrink the jaw horizontaly. Hit S and then X.


It’s late and I’m very sleepy ZZZZZZZZz zz zz zzzz z … … …

But you can fill in the blanks. Continue cutting the face horizontaly a couple of times to form the line where the eyes, the nose and the mouth should be. Add a vertical cut near the middle line of the face to form the nose bridge loop. Delete half of the face, duplicate, copy merge it back to make it whole. I should stop… I will continue tomorow, if not next week.
Sleep well yall

hmm nice method you have going there, i’ve never really been that interested in making a face myself but it looks as though you may have come across a method which is reasonably suited to my own modelling method…thanks for the start of the tut, ill give it a go.


I hope you can eventually finish this one!!!

method ´s looking good, yes it does need some polishing/finishing but i allready like it :wink:

I like this method. Thanks a lot.

Hope to see the rest of this tut, It looks good so far.

Bounce Really hoping you’re going to flesh out this tute a bit more, it’s an excellent technique…

I’m really excited of it. I’ve been working on some head modelling tuts but I stucked. I hope you’ll write another part. It looks pretty good for me as beginner.