Head Model

Hi Folks,

Here’s a head model I’m working on, based on Tim Curry and using Torq’s excellent method.


C & C more than welcome. The nose, dimples at the edge of the mouth, chin cleft and possibly the eyes need more work.

Blender Internal with AO, 15 samples
Two lights, one sun with shadow enabled, and one blue lamp for depth.

Thanks for reading,

  • Luke

Hey. Looking really good. I agree that the nose and chin need some work, but overall nice job. It kinda does look like TIm Curry.

You did it better than me. I always give up when try to medelled a head.
keep it up.

Thanks for the comments, guys :smiley: To be honest, I stopped working on this a few weeks ago.

Head modelling can be tricky - there is no wrong or right way. I think practice is the holy grail of head modelling. :stuck_out_tongue: