Head Model

I am new and here is a model that I have done. It took me about 30 mins while sitting down, watching TV. Pretty beginner but it is good for me i guess.

Thats the nuts!

IM new to Blender, learning for about 2 weeks but very casual as I been busy, I could never do something as good as that.

Its awesome for a beginner, how long u been learning Blender?

Not very long. Ive had blender for about a month, but havent really done anything since a week ago. Thanks for the compliment. I like sctulpting clay so I guess that helps me. If u are trying to sculpt a model try making it in clay first.

Well, I redid the whole model, now that I am more experienced. Here is my first replica:



Of course, I still need to do some skin, a neck, and a nose job, because the current nose kinda looks like a vacuum cleaner or a rocket ship or something. If you can make any assistance, please just reply!

Well, certainly better than the first, but I can see internal faces. Let us see a Wireframe!

I really need help with the lips and a bit of editing on the nose.


Ok I will give it a shot :smiley:

For the lips make them a little wider along the Z axis and scale them thinner along the X axis. The nose seems a little too long and comes to too much of a point. Also the little bumps (no idea what they are called) that show where the nostrils come out are way too wide. Try and make everything flow into each other you know. Hope this helps!

Thanks, I’ll try it!

the outsides of your nostrils do NOT stick out like that. They actually arch from your face and into the middle of your nose.

The form is good, and you have generally got the proportions right, but eye sockets look too square, kind of unnatural

You’ll need help with more I guess.
But serious, if you really want to make a photorealistic mesh/object/person (organic), view (and before that; buy) Johnathan " mr_bomb"Williamson’s Modeling a Female Head, and, if you want, Modelling the Female Body (nudity!) with Blender.

It is “commercial” meaning you have to pay for it, but it will be worth the investment (http://www.montagestudio.org/DVDs.html) so in that way you will make jawdropping models (serious!).

I have now started on a new model, to try to get more practice in making a head model. I will post pics once I am done with the features.