Head Modeling (by Duhast)

Hi guys,

A few months ago I wrote a detailed tutorial, for cgarena, about head modeling (Head and ear are both on my signature). If you’re interested, I recorded a timelapse (no sound) of the process (no ears yet, though ).


UPDATE Feb. 19: Uploaded a slightly new version with 2 extra minutes at the end (some tweaks that weren’t included in the first video).


Very impressive. Great videos.

Yes, those are great videos! Thanks a bunch! I liked your written tuts on the ear and the head as well. Actually seeing how you did those is better, still :slight_smile:

One question: In part 2 of your body modeling video at 7:13 you are performing some magic I couldn’t reproduce. You turn on some kind of subsurf but the edges become all round. Then you cut through two faces without creating triangles. How exactly did you do this?!

The subsurf modifier has a button that says “Apply modifier to editing cage during edit mode”. Activate it.

I actually did create 2 triangles. After that I deleted them and created a new 4 sided face.



Ah yes, I see! Thanks for pointing that out!

I’ve been following along the hand tut and that one works very well! Only problem I have is that I can’t figure out how to unwrap it. If I add another edge loop along the “middle” cutting through all the fingers and the hand’s side I can mark this new loop as seam. But the unwrapping delivers a distorted version of the hand with shrunken fingers and bloated palm.
Can you give any pointers on how to unwrap it successfully?

Looks great. Thanks for sharing.

you closed all of the links to the videos! Please fix that- I really want to watch them.

the movies are gooone!! nooo!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanted to see them too…

Back online

thanks for putting the videos back on!

Thanks for the vimeo version!
What about the ref. images? it would be useful to use the same used in the video…

Hey good to see you back.
I like the video, very helpful.
So when you going to do the ears?

Hey Duhast I’d like to do the body modeling tutorial.
WHere did you get your reference images?

Hi JDA, I got them here:



Here’s what I was able to make using your head tutorial. Thanks for taking the time to make it.


Great video tutorial. It is really very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

thanks Duhast for sharing the body modeling tut.