head modeling..

this is my reference picture… iv tried to modle it for the past hour or 2 and i cant seem to get anything done… could come one give me a tutorial or something…im also a noob at blender soo… yeah


sorry about the big picture

Have you seen these?


thank u very much =)
But where can i get the same Reference picture/

Search ‘a better face tutorial’ on these forums.

iv looked for it… the links dont work

http://blenderartists.org/cms/uploads/media/Adrianna_Front.jpg : front
http://blenderartists.org/cms/uploads/media/Adrianna_Side.jpg : side

I was bored so I decided to use my google skills. Good luck with the tutorial! Remember to curve those lines!

thank u nick =)

Happy X-mas

Marry x-mas to you too!

oh my god, thx for the pic reference of adrianna. :slight_smile:
I’ve seen the face tut from montagestudio which is very great (and is the reason why i try blender) and looking for the reference… but i cant find them
he said that he got that from topology.net which is inactive rite now.
luckily i found it here :slight_smile:
thx again!

Lets not thank me, let’s thank GOOGLE! Yeah GOOGLE!