Head modelling and animation - Progress reel

			   						 							 							 						 						 							 						 				 					 						 							I dedicated yesterday to some anatomical study,  and assembled a  progress reel of my work on head modelling and animation over the past  few months.

After rendering, I noticed a mistake with the light texture in the 3rd example (it’s applied to the model rather than the light), and some editing mistakes towards the end, but plowed ahead to meet my self imposed deadline.

Any other criticisms and advice will be appreciated.

My goals for the next attempt are to improve on the topology, and focus on the lip and eye socket shapes. Oh, and the ears of course!

Thanks in advance,


I think you should start with nailing the proportion and form of the head. They were a bit strange in the video.

I liked the 2nd head on top of the green platform. I think that had a good cartoon feel to it. I agree that the ears need further work and suggest adding eyebrows and colouring the lips would help you produce better expressions. I realise the post title says modelling and animation but putting basic some eyebrows and lips I think would help with the poses you are making.

The 3rd head spinning on the turntable looks like Kryten from Red Dwarf. You need to look at some reference shots to get the proportions tightened up before moving further.

Lastly, I think you explain why you use the Dr Sbaitso voice in your video but I simply couldn’t understand that or anything else you said.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Yous’re right about the proportions. I started following David Ward’s elf modelling tutorial, but lost interest in the character and changed focus half way through. For my next attempt, I have a nice skeleton model from BlendSwap to work over.

@Angus - I hadn’t thought about simple placeholder material colours to enhance the expressions. I think that will help me a lot!

Back to the grind stone . . .

Try this tutorial:

Calm down!

haha, hehe, the natural result of background images…so is not your fault at all.


Just kidding, try to edit several proportions, and use background images, then when ready, discard them and use your criteria to fix some disproportions background images gave to your model at first.

some pointers that might help you a little:

people tend to place the eyes way too high on the head… they should be just slightly above the center of the head.
the cheekbones are a little too pronounced… i did the same on my first few models.
the nose is too wide.
and the forehead is too small.

these are just general hints at things that are wrong more or less with all the 3 models.
the last one has an immensely wide nose and too hard edges along the back of the skull and a really tiny forehead.

try to get alot of reference pics of real people and don’t rely too much on other peoples works.
while this can help with the first few tries to help setup a good workflow and get an understanding of topology, a bit later down the road it can lead to you copying the mistakes others have made.

that little playdough sculpt you did is a very good practice, but you should do a much larger one so you can get more detail in.