Head modelling (cartoon)

I was wondering if one could use the same technique used in modelling a realistic head in modelling a cartoon-ish one…:confused:

You can, and you should. Just remember to keep it unrealistic as you go through. :slight_smile:

Also, to have the design of the character in mind (or a drawing) before hand is good.
Helps you to keep on track.
//The M.h.p.e.

If you have front and side views then you can definitely use the edge-tracing method as demonstrated in the “Better Face Tutorial”. I think this is probably the best approach to match a specific, complex character design.

Otherwise, very good cartoon heads can be developed by box-modelling with or without a tracing reference. This method offers more freedom and you may find some happy accidents that you can keep in your character.

With the box-model method, you could create a “basic” character which you can keep for later development into different characters. My Avatar character was box-modelled with no sketches at all and has been used to create other simple characters, including my recent challenge entry shown below and a little girl character in this thread.


I have also used a combination approach in the past where I box-model some parts and edge model other parts.

wats your metthod wen u do box modelling

I start with the default cube and subdivide it three times. Then I remove the left half and apply a mirror modifier. I delete four faces where the mouth will go (eight faces altogether with mirror) and four faces around the “eye” location. This should give you a square-headed robot looking shape with two square eyes and a rectangular mouth.

If you subsurf it, it starts to look like a simple head and it’s now possible to select the edges of the holes as “loops”. These can be extruded and manipulated to create the lips and eyelids. The rest is really just a matter of adding edge loops as you need them to add detail and pushing and pulling parts to give the head an interesting shape.

Similar things are done to create the nose and ears - though they can become complicated, even on toon characters.

This doesn’t tell you much but it would take pictures to tell you more. I am currently working on a new character and I’ve been taking screenshots along the way so if he works out okay, I might put something in the wiki soon. It might not be a proper tutorial so much as a general guide.