head modelling with - nurbs circle

Hi All,
please how can I make a surface to my NURBS circles? Have tried to convert them to MASH and then ‘F’ but nothing happened. Have tried find a tutorial or post but no success.

Thanks in advance…


Huh… this is a cool idea. Try turning it into a mesh then hitting SHIFT F, or CTRL F, or ALT F. One of those should work. You’re talking about filling faces automatically, right?

One of those buttons may work, but you would be better off filling in the faces yourself. Edge-loops are real important in face modeling, especially if you are going to animate. And triangles are a no-no if you are subdividing. And filling in faces automatically is going to be bad in both ways.

have tried to convert (alt-c) + SHIFT F, or CTRL F, or ALT but nothing happend
you mentioned ‘edge loops’ - please can you tell me more about that? Or if you know about some tutorial…would be more that great :rolleyes:. Do you mean just extrude the first line and rotate/scale it?

hi, make sure your curves are created using “Add/Surface/NURBS Curve”:wink:

If you want to model a face you must understand “edge loops” and “poles”. There is a thread in the modeling section of this forum entitled “Loops and Poles” by Toontje that can explain what they are and why they are vital to modeling a good-looking face.

You may give it a try with Blender NURBS, but the head won’t have good edge loops after convertion to mesh. It will be interesting to see the result;)
In addition to jim3dx reply - also the resolution of the profiles must be the same (i.e they should have even number of control points (vertices)). To make a surface select two profiles and press F. After that you have to adjust the U and V order for best curvature. If the surface appear to be black you have to Switch the direction of the curves.


And the last three figures.
Sorry for the ugly model. Just made it for demonstration purposes:D