Head Modelling

Honest thoughts, advice, or civil criticism welcome.

Honestly, this is pretty good. Good typology for animation and good structure. Are you going for more realistic, or cartoony realistic style? This is important to nail down so you have something as a goal. In terms of form I recommend a few things

1# you might make the ear larger. Based on your proportions of the face the ear looks small and out of place somehow.

2# The head still looks too boxy to me… you might smooth out the cheeks and give them more definition. From the side view you have here the face looks a little flat. Think about the head as an oval and how smooth those curves are. Then try and emulate a nice curve on all sides of the face. If your going for a more bony look… exagerate the cheekbones and the chin with all the skin sucked into the face further.

3# Also give the character some eyelid definition. There is a lip on eyelids that goes into the head.

4# Define the lips, they look a little flat.

5# I don’t know if this is stylistic choice but the nose looks too triangular. You light give the nostrils a bulge on either side to make it sit away from the face more. (sorry if that was confusing)

Other than those minor details. Great job to start off with. Keep at it you are doing great!

P.S. You might take a look at some human reference. Its always a good idea to use reference for these typse of things.

Anyway, Hope this helped ya! Have a good day, God bless you.

Thanks for the reply! Yeah, this is meant to be somewhat realistic, but not photo-realistic.