head modelling?

So I’m a “newbie” to Blender seeing as I’ve only played around with it for 3 days or so. Anyway, I was wondering if it would be possible to make a human head by using stacks of horizontal sub-divided NURBS circles and shaping each “layer” according to the certain part of the head
would that work?

Ha, asked the same question a year ago, noone answered :wink:
Go to blendernation.com and search BSoD Intro to Character Animation. It has a short peice at the beginning about simple head modeling. I used it as the base for the model in my WIP(follow the link in my signature). Its pretty simple, and fast. And you just can build on it. good luck

BTW, the nurbs idea is original, but not practical or animation friendly
but way to think outside the box !

cool thanks for showing that animation/modeling tutorial!
once I get used to Blender I’ll try the nurbs anyway
(wow, blender looks a lot easier than Milkshape!)

free_ality, I suspect no one answered because Nurbs aren’t well developed in Blender, so no one uses them much. Jeepster, you could probably get the same effect by stacking tubes scaled down to disks. But where would you get your reference slices? Seems like an unnatural way to model to me.

Orinico: Yeah, actually i meant that I had asked about a good way to model heads :wink:
I dont use nurbs much, or metas. but i agree with you It would be unnatural, and a lot of work to model that way.
anyway, good luck jeepster.

Look here: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=20448

I’ll use that tutorial there and hopefully I’ll have something worthy of posting:D